Nov 14

La nuova emigrazione italiana: cosa ne sappiamo, come ne parliamo


La nuova emigrazione italiana: cosa ne sappiamo, come ne parliamo, di Elena Caneva. Su Cambio.

Abstract: In recent years emigration has become a debated issue in public and political arenas, because of the increased number of Italians who moved abroad. Unlike the public debate, sociologists have not addressed the issue, that remains an almost intact field of study. This paper attempts to systematize the little knowledge and highlight the main issues related to the topic. The first issue regards the spread of two frames by mass media which depict migration only as a brain drain or a consequence of the economic crisis. The second is the historic production which often compares past and present movements of people in term of poor vs. global migrants. The third concerns the division between approaches that deal with mobility and those that study migration, as if they were two different phenomena. The final aim is to provide a more complete picture of the state of the art, and propose some reflections for a better understanding.

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