Nov 16

La street art come pratica di riconoscimento e appaesamento degli spazi sociali urbani: il caso di Torpignattara a Roma


Da Cambio, Rivista sulle trasformazioni sociali, edita da Poiein Lab.
Di Marianna Colacicco

Abstract: The aim of this short article is to analyze urban and social transformations through the contemporary phenomenon of street art. The hypothesis from this introduction research start is the need of a new paradigm inside the sociology of art, an interdisciplinary synchronism among several social fields out of the classical and modern meaning of aesthetic. The answer is what is art today? And can a “non art” becoming a work of art? The process of ratification and its mediation sociology help to understand how street art should be read as a social process where art and society are one common dimension. The passage to a “fourth generation” inside a culturological and social straim of research. The urban contest is a particular social space- especially peripheries where the increasing of new social conflicts and innovative practices of urban appropriation can reflect more about the whole cultural and social global frame. The research is a pilote, a preliminary study of a specific contest in Rome, Torpignattara, where main social problems, such as criminality, low integration, environmental degradation, isolation are only few datas coming from the ethnographic field. The other step of the analyze is to interview some expert, privilege witness, coming from art institutional field, who reveal the development of the artistic  movement inside the micro-reality and the birth of new practices of collective recognition and social participation to the artistic phenomenon.

La street art a Torpignattara



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